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Fusion Fine Art Framing offers the complete custom picture framing design experience.  The experience is the fusion of our clients' desires working with our staff's education, training and understanding of each of the elements that make up any aesthetic experience.  The end result is a creation that encompasses the total artistic journey.


Fusion Fine Art Framing, in downtown Traverse City, Michigan, is a full service custom framing shop where the work is done in house and adheres to the standards set by the PPFA (Professional Picture Framers Association).  We work with over 20 different frame manufacturers to ensure that we will meet your expectations.  

Fusion Fine Art Framing is the result of a desire to create a place where art and frame design fuse artistic elements.  Our goal at Fusion Framing is to assist our clientele in discovering the full experience of customizing your framing.

Painting by Louis Emile Adan


With a combined 45+ years of working in the custom picture framing industry and art galleries, the Fusion Framing staff enjoy what they do.  Our staff patiently works with each client to create the most effective design for their art.  The relaxed atmosphere and comfortable environment make the framing experience one where the client collaborates with our staff to attain the desired product.  

While the frame industry has changed significantly over the past 175+ years, so has the art world - including photography.  So, when The Camera Shop of Traverse City was looking to expand their services in Northern Michigan, it only made sense to offer a way for their clientele to enjoy their photographs beyond the prints produced.  At that time, one of their own employees had over a decade of framing, design & gallery experience needed for this new venture and so an idea was put in to motion.  

Since it's inception, Fusion's framing includes much more than framing photographs.  We work with everything from rare antiques to children's art to pieces larger than we are.  

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